Das Titelblatt zum BfR Corona MONITOR

BfR-Corona-Monitor - as to 23 - 24 November

To protect themselves and others from an infection with the coronavirus, many people in Germany are once again reducing their social contacts, are leaving their homes less frequently and are keeping more distance to other people in everyday life. Also, concerns about the possible impact on social relationships have increased considerably compared to the last survey - one third are currently concerned about this.


African Swine Fever - No Hazard to Humans

The ASF pathogen cannot be transmitted to humans. Neither direct contact with sick animals nor the consumption of food that comes from infected domestic pigs or wild boar poses a risk to human health.

Bild einer Nanoröhre

Nanomaterials FAQ

Specifically manufactured nanomaterials are the subject of the BfR's risk assessment. They can be produced in numerous forms from various chemical substances. The BfR has compiled selected questions and answers on nanomaterials in the following.


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