Beeswax cloths: what should you look out for?

When the food is covered with the beeswax cloth, warm pressure from the hands on the wax creates a type of solid packaging. Substances may then pass unintentionally from this packaging to the packaged food.

Das Titelblatt zum BfR Corona MONITOR

BfR-Corona-Monitor - as to 30 - 31 March

In the current survey, 40 percent of the respondents say they have been tested for the coronavirus in the past two weeks. In addition, before Easter, the majority are relying on the common measures to protect themselves from the coronavirus: covers for mouth and nose, distance to others, reducing contacts and more thorough hand washing.

Eine Frau trägt Creme auf

When the immune system overreacts - schoolgirls and a BfR scientist talk about allergies

The "NATürlich - Schoolgirls Meet Scientists" seminar series allows girls from the 10th grade onwards to discover more about various scientific fields of work and to get a glimpse into the everyday working life of female researchers.


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