International Advisory Board and expert groups

The International Advisory Board for the BfR MEAL Study

Total Diet Studies have already been conducted in numerous countries worldwide and are a method that is recognised and recommended by the WHO, FAO and EFSA for exposure assessment. Thus, expertise already exists on an international level and provides essential input for the BfR MEAL Study.

This is why an international scientific Advisory Board has been set up for the BfR MEAL Study including experts from the FAO, EFSA, and countries with long-year tradition in conducting TDS. The Advisory Board has been advising the BfR MEAL Study from the outset on the designing of the German Total Diet Study and ensures the exchange of scientific experience and expertise.

The expert groups for the BfR MEAL Study

Alongside the scientific Advisory Board, which advises the BfR MEAL Study on the Total Diet Study design, an expert group has been set up for each of all nine substance groups to be analysed in the BfR MEAL Study. National scientists advise the BfR MEAL Study on the relevant analytical methods for individual substances and on the usability of the corresponding findings.

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