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Publications on the BfR-MEAL Study can be found under the following links:

Food Chemistry: X - mercury, cadmium, lead, and nickel
The data on mercury, cadmium, lead, and nickel provide a comprehensive basis for chronic dietary exposure assessment of the population in Germany.

Food Chemistry, Volume 14

Food Chemistry X - calcium, potassium, phosphorus
Food Chemistry publishes papers dealing with the advancement of the chemistry and biochemistry of foods or the analytical methods/approach used.

Food Chemistry X, Volume 13

The journal Lebensmittelchemie is a publication of the Lebensmittelchemische Gesellschaft (LChG).

Lebensmittelchemie 02/2021

Food and Chemical Toxicology - methylmercury
Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) publishes original research articles and reviews on toxic effects, in animals and humans, of natural or synthetic chemicals occurring in the human environment with particular emphasis on food, drugs, and chemicals.

FCT, Volume 149

Food Chemistry - arsenic
Food Chemistry publishes papers dealing with the advancement of the chemistry and biochemistry of foods or the analytical methods/approach used.

Food Chemistry, Volume 346

DGE-Ernährungsbericht - cadmium and lead

The nutrition reports update data on the nutrition situation in Germany and present the latest research findings. They serve as a scientifically sound, objective source of information for all those active in politics, science, business and the media, as well as for intermediaries.

14. DGE-Ernährungsbericht

The "Forschungsfelder" magazine

At regular intervals, "Forschungsfelder" ("research fields") from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture profiles the varied research activities of the Ministry.

forschungsfelder, 01/2021, S. 25

forschungsfelder, 03/2019, p. 17 ff.

forschungsfelder, 01/2016, p. 20 ff.


Umwelt und Mensch – Informationsdienst (UMID)

The magazine "UMID: Umwelt und Mensch – Informationsdienst" ("Environment and Human Health - Information Service" with abstracts in English) provides information for authorities and institutions active in the fields of environmental affairs, healthcare and the public health service as well as specialists in the field of environmental medicine and interested citizens.

UMID, 02/2019, p. 17 ff.

UMID, 02/2016, p. 38 ff.

Science Magazine "BfR2GO"

Every six months the BfR provides information on the latest developments in assessment and research in the field of consumer health protection in the form of a compact and easily understandable magazine.

BfR2GO, 01/2019, p. 28

Bundesgesundheitsblatt – Gesundheitsforschung – Gesundheitsschutz
("Federal Health Bulletin – Health Research – Health Protection")

The monthly journal looks at topics in the area of public healthcare and government healthcare policy. The focus is on developments in basic biological/medical research as well as concrete measures geared towards health protection, prevention concepts, risk prevention and health promotion.

Bundesgesundheitsblatt 60/2017, p. 689 ff.


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