BfR symposium "The role of bioavailability in risk assessment as exemplified by trace elements"

(2013.01.16 - 2013.01.17)
On 16 and 17 of January 2013, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) willhold an event with an international focus on the role of the bioavailability of substances in assessment procedures. The issues discussed during the event will include the problem of defining bioavailability (from the viewpoint of human nutrition, animal nutrition and pharmacology), analytical challenges and methodological approaches to measuring bioavailability.

The aim of this launch event will be to illustrate open questions regarding the definition and application of the term of bioavailability in food and feed. The plan is to develop answers and possible solutions during further expert workshops in the course of the year 2013.

Event Location: Berlin Marienfelde, BfR Lecture Theatre (Hörsaal BfR)

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