BfR-Symposium: "First International Conference on Tattoo Safety"

(2013.06.06 - 2013.06.07)
On 6 and 7 June 2013, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in cooperation with the Free University of Berlin is staging an international symposium on the safety of tattoo agents. In five sessions, internationally reputed experts will profile the current state of knowledge and discuss open questions in the areas of "Analysis & Exposure", "Toxicology", "Microbiology & Hygiene", "Technology" and "Risk Assessment & Regulation". On day two of the symposium, the stakeholders will also have the opportunity to outline their position on the issue of "Tattoos and Health Risks". The event will be held in English and will begin with a keynote address by world renowned anthropologist and ethnologist Dr. Lars Krutak from the Smithsonian Institutions on the history, significance and background of Oceanic and indigenous tattooing art and practices.

On-site registration is possible at the event. Participation fee for only one day would be 50 €.

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