The BfR MEAL Study: What´s in your food

In what quantities do we ingest desirable and undesirable substances on average through our food? Are certain foods more contaminated than others? And what health effects does the preparation method have on the food? The BfR MEAL Study helps to answer these and other questions.

The BfR MEAL study from shopping to exposure estimation as a photo gallery. The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.



A cold shock for food: liquid nitrogen facilitates homogenisation

What do gummy bears, tuna fish and broccoli have in common? Foods like these cannot be homogenised for the BfR MEAL Study without prior treatment.

Green Week tunes into the MEAL study kitchen

A glimpse behind the scenes of the BfR MEAL Study: International Green Week visitors were able to experience a live link to the MEAL study kitchen.

6th International Workshop on Total Diet Studies

In order to continue sharing expertise concerning Total Diet Studies (TDS) and to promote and support implementation of TDS, the 6th International TDS Workshop is co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin. Registrations are now possible.