Products may involve risks which consumers are completely unaware of. In order to protect consumers against these “hidden” risks, BfR collects information on poisoning incidents and product formulations in a poison information database. The adverse effects of chemical products can now be quickly identified. BfR passes on the formulations to the poison information and treatment centres of the federal states so that they can respond to emergencies. Advice and the treatment of poisoning cases can thus be offered as quickly as possible on the basis of correct formulation information.

BfR poison information database

Thanks to this poison information database Germany now has a unique documentation and assessment system for damage to health caused by chemical products. The health threat to people from chemical products and substances can now be realistically assessed and the needs of health and environmental protection taken into account.

Physicians must notify poisoning incidents and manufacturers must notify their formulations. The following are documented in the poison information database:

Notification procedure

Physicians and manufacturers of formulations can find out about the provisions governing the notification procedure on the following website pages. Forms and electronic notification aids can be downloaded from the corresponding pages.

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