Offers for displaced persons

As a tolerant and open-minded employer, the BfR gives displaced persons a new perspective and supports them in their entry into professional life in the German employment market. For this reason, the BfR actively participates in the "Companies integrate refugees" network, an initiative of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). The BfR received a "Best Practice" award in 2017 at a meeting of the network with its approach for supporting displaced persons in finding employment. Two entry-level options are currently available to displaced persons at the BfR: an internship with a subsequent temporary employment contract and an apprenticeship in one of the training courses on offer.

Internship and employment contract

Since December 2015, the BfR has been offering a three-month internship intended to facilitate entry to the employment market to displaced persons with a chance of staying in Germany and an interest in working in the field of consumer health protection. During the internship, the BfR finances vocational or language training with a sum of up to 500 euros. Thereafter, successful interns receive a temporary employment contract with the BfR for six months.

The prerequisites for participation in an internship in the scientific field are a university degree to at least bachelor's level, a good command of English and registration as an asylum applicant in Germany. An internship in the administrative area (including caretaker and similar duties) requires proof of the corresponding vocational qualifications acquired through previous training, for example. Applicants’ residential status must permit an internship in Berlin.

The internship includes an appropriate range of further training offers coordinated to suit the needs of the participants.

If you are interested in an internship, please feel free to contact us. Your application should include a curriculum vitae and cover letter outlining your scientific interests and previous experience and should be submitted exclusively to the following e-mail address:


The BfR also offers displaced persons the opportunity of an apprenticeship. To increase the chances of being accepted for an apprenticeship, entry qualification begins at the BfR six months prior to the start of the apprenticeship during which an introduction to the scope of tasks at the BfR is given. The Institute offers additional support, as required (e.g. language courses and a mentor) to provide trainees with the best possible support.

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