BfR Commission for Wine and Fruit Juice Analyses

The BfR Commission for Wine and Fruit Juice Analyses advises BfR within the framework of its obligations laid down in §35 of the German Wine Control Ordinance of 14 May 2002.

Tasks of the BfR Commission

The Commission advises the BfR especially on the following matters:

  • Harmonisation of the analytical provisions governing the food control  of wine and fruit juice
  • Development, testing and validation of analytical methods for products governed by the Wine Act and fruit juice
  • Interpretation of analytical data and data sets for the purposes of assessment and further development
  • Coordination of analytical data sourcing and preparation of opinions for the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the European Commission
  • Coordination of sampling procedures, wine preparation methods (vinification) and nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometric measurements for the EU Wine Database (in accordance with EEC Regulation No 2729/2000).
  • Development and testing of new isotope-analytical methods for inclusion in  the EU Wine Database

Members of the BfR Commission

Experts from Land control bodies, industry and private laboratories were appointed as members of the BfR Commission for Wine and Fruit Juice Analyses.

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